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Founder of “” Dodges his Creditors: No Surprise Here

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Most of us have the common wisdom to know that information online is only as reliable as its source. For years, I’ve taken that common sense approach and applied it to the practice of helping consumers navigate away from bad legal decisions. I have warned people: if you want reliable legal information, the source should be a licensed attorney. I have also warned people against getting their legal advice from non-attorney neighbors, friends, coworkers, and the clerk at the courthouse.

Recently, the popular magazine, Mother Jones (online at, reported on Steven Katz (not an attorney), who prevailed in court over a debt collector who harassed him to pay an unpaid credit card debt. See article at:

According to the article, soon after that victory, Mr. Katz proclaimed himself a “credit terrorist” and started a crusade to help others fight the banks in court by founding and offering people hope with the slogan of: “Sue Your Creditor and Win!”). Mr. Katz also sells books and other materials through his web site that are supposed to empower people.

You’d think that Mr. Katz would be at an Occupy protest rally, handing out his materials and trying to get people to stop paying their credit card debts in an effort to “bring down the system.” You’d be wrong.

Mr. Katz, now saddled with at least $80,000 in credit card debts, has decided that he and his wife should to leave the country and work in China. Apparently, his aggressive tactics would not have done anything to stop the mountain of credit card debt from getting and enforcing money judgments against him.

Those of you who heeded common sense and ignored these non-lawyer charlatans, are not surprised. Certainly, such websites may be fun for a few minutes, but please do not waste your time and money trying out their nutty tactics, which Mr. Katz himself has proven are ineffective and a reason to flee the country.

Robert Stempler, Attorney at Law