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Sample letter to manufacturer to request buyback of defective product

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

[Your Name]
[Your Mailing Address]
[Your City, CA ZIP Code]
[Your Phone number]

[Your Method of Delivery, such as US Certified Mail, return receipt requested, FedEx, UPS, DHL]

[Manufacturer/Distributor Business Name]
[Mailing address per the Warranty or Owners Manual]
[Manufacturer’s City, State ZIP Code]

[Seller Business Name]
[Seller’s business address]
[Seller’s City, State Zip Code]

Re: [describe the consumer good, such as Year/Make/Model/color/date of purchase]


To the Management of above Companies:

A copy of my contract/receipt for the above consumer good is enclosed. Please buy it back, as required by your warranty of this product and the California Lemon Law and Commercial Code.

Also enclosed is a copy of my repair orders/invoices for repairs made under the warranty. Essentially, since I purchased this item, it has been repaired [number] times and out of service [number] days. My main concerns are [list briefly the key problems]. The [list of any remaining problems] still have not been fixed after [number] of repair opportunities.

I look forward to your response within 15 days of your receipt. Please advise me of your decision and the steps that you need for me to follow to complete this process, so that I can obtain a prompt refund. If you decide against offering a buyback, please explain your reasoning and provide all documentation why my request was rejected.


/sign your name/

Enclosures, a copy of:
Purchase contract/receipt
Repair orders/invoices